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Hair and Beard Balm with Monoi de Tahiti Oil (30ml/1 fl oz)
Nourishing and moisturising balm for dry split hair ends and beard.
Monoi de Tahiti oil is incorporated in this balm, not just for its exotic, luscious scent of gardenias, but also for the amazing properties it has. Tahitian women are known for their long, thick, lustrous hair and one of their secrets to keeping it healthy, shiny and enviable is Monoi de Tahiti Oil, which is a combination of two unique ingredients, Tiare Tahiti (Gardenia Tahitensis) and refined Polynesian Coconut oil. Its intensely restorative properties strengthen hair from the inside out after just one use, by healing and preventing hair damage.
Another oil used in this balm is Avocado, because of its extraordinary ability to penetrate the cordex of the hair strand. Avocado oil is ideal for hair that is dry due to heat damage and environmental factors. Being packed with vitamin E, avocado oil strengthens hair to prevent breakage, while helping to bind split ends together and will absorb into the cuticle without weighing your hair down.
This hair and beard balm contains essential oils that nourish hair ends and blend beautifully with the scent of gardenias, providing thus, an exotic sweet scent.
Use by applying just a small amount on hair ends, on towelled dried hair.

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