BioE+, Bioethanol, 1L

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Fire up your ethanol fire with BioE+ for the longest burning and most vibrant flame.

Safety Information

When using BioE+ bioethanol in a ventless liquid ethanol fireplace that does NOT have an EcoSmart Fire burner, the fuel should be decanted into an approved Jerry Can fitted with a flame arrester before fuelling. This method may also be used if you’d like to refill more than one bottle at a time.

Quick Reminders

Exclusive for Ventless Fireplaces
USE ONLY for ventless fireplaces. NEVER use with any other product or appliance.

Before Using BioE+
Please read the BioE+ label on the box and bottle, as well as the included Safety Data Sheet.

Official Accessories
Only use BioE+ with operating accessories supplied with your ventless fireplace.

Open Flame
NEVER allow BioE+ to be poured onto an open flame. Misuse can be dangerous and serious harm can arise.

Manufacturer Instructions
Always use BioE+ in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your fireplace.

Keep this product away from children at all times.

Availability: In Stock

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