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HomeLife! HomeLove! Eco luxe home fragrance!

To burn a HomeLife!HomeLove! Candle is to be introduce on a journey of the senses. Enhancing emotions, elevating moments, and evoking memories!
HomeLife! HomeLove! Candles are a natural product and are manufactured in Cyprus!
Our candles are the natural alternative to paraffin. they are Kosher certified 100% vegetable non- toxic soy wax which allow them to burn evenly all the way to the vey bottom, leaving almost no ex- cess wax on the sides of the jar, giving you twice the candle, and cleaner air for you and your family!
They are handmade and hand poured, scented with premium grade fragrance oils especially de- signed for candles (IFRA certified), available in great variety.
We also use 100% natural cotton wicks for clean burning without metal threads or zinc.
Our candles are presented in luxurious glass containers which evenly distributes light around the room and diffuse the aroma from top to the bottom. Glass containers clean up easily, by using only soap and water.
Our candles are the ideal choice for green candles. All our materials are recyclable and eco-friendly.

Availability: In Stock

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