Summer is definitely here and with it the long summer nights spend sitting outside with our friends and relatives, various festivities and celebrations.



Having a well-planned decoration is an integral part of the any gathering as it plays a key role in setting up the mood of the evening. Whilst bright lights might have their place in the winter, for summer we want the mood to be relaxing and inviting for easy socialising and lounging. “Candles!” I hear you thinking but there are few downfalls with this option specific to the summer months: the seasonal winds might provide a welcoming cooling from the sun but do not help with trying to keep the candles lit. The other issue is that the moment you have more than 2 tea lights light burning, you realise how small indeed can be powerful. Even tea lights can generate a lot of heat and this is not something you want when the temperatures are already high.

Fortunately there are options when it comes to setting the atmosphere as solar lanterns offer the perfect alternative to candles. The Soji Solar Lanterns bring an elegant ambient glow to your outdoor space at night time, and they work just as well as decorative items at day time. They are made of durable fade and weather resistant nylon with stainless steel hardware parts and get their energy from the sun: all you need to do is to switch the battery inside the lantern on and leave the lanterns outside to get charged. Once the sun sets the sunlight gathered switches on the light bulbs inside the lantern automatically, with the help of the rechargeable batteries. The ideal charge time is one day, after which you can enjoy the beautiful glow for 4-6 hours. When not using the lanterns you can simply remove the supporting frame inside, switch off the charger, flatten the lanterns and store them away in the box they come in, not taking a lot of space at all.

Allsop Home & Garden, the family business that makes Soji Solar Lanterns, ensures that their products are water, weather and rust proof and after keeping them over two weeks outside 24/7, by the beach, in the wind and rain, I have no complaints. They look as good as new and trust me, a lot of things get destroyed at this time if left outside! When reading through reviews for these lanterns some customers noted that the brighter colours (blue, orange, green) do fade in the sun over the years but keep their shape and lighting abilities intact. As Allsop Home & Garden’s mission is to produce “solar garden art” by creating efficient, beautiful and sustainable outdoor lighting, these lanterns look set to deliver the promise.

The Soji Lanterns come in different shapes and colours. You can choose all whites round or oval shaped ones for a wedding for example, or mix and match the colours, patterns and shapes to create the type of space and mood you wish. Assembling the lanterns takes no more than 30 seconds as there are no wires or installation to be done. Just pop in the supporting frame, leave the lantern to charge for the day and use the steel handle to hang them up, or the base unit that comes with some shapes to have them as table top decoration. After that you are sorted and ready to enjoy the party!

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