A good bag is one of those essential items to have in life. One that is not too small, not too big but still fits in the daily essentials and maybe even few surprise articles we can pick up during the day. Most of us also recognise the feeling of needing a new bag, because the old one has seen the best of its days or just because quite frankly we just are in the mood for a new one.

 However as you are reading this post, the chances are you have given some thought for production process and ethicality of the apparel and household goods you buy. Whilst social entrepreneurship and responsible consumption are terms we hear more and more around us, it can be difficult to find ethically made products, let alone those that are genuinely stylish and tested durable. Unless we are willing to trail the internet for hours to search for ethical merchandise, it does feel there is a gap between the ideal of buying more sustainable products and the reality of them not being that easily available.

So what if you were told that you could now buy a bag that is all that AND sustainably made AND buying it would help those lacking more basic needs, in Cyprus and on-line in Europe? Because it is possible with Generation Generous bags!


                                            GenerationGenerousBeachSmall                     SustainableToteBag


Generation Generous is an innovative Greek start-up, established in 2013 and run by a Fashion Designer Natasha Athanasiadou. The company makes tote bags out of 100% recycled plastic bottles (R-PET.) The bottles have been recovered from landfills or waste and repurposed into a yarn that makes the fabric for the bags. Natasha came up with the idea for the brand following her travels to Mumbai and witnessing people living in extreme poverty with no access to basic needs such as clean water, shelter or food. Compelled to do something to help, Natasha created a company to create stylish bags but with a business model that provides ethical working conditions and has environmentally sustainable production model. The price paid for each bag offers a standard donation that goes to five different charities. You can choose the cause you want to support as the Generation Generous bags come with five different coloured of stitching to chose from: Blue, red, yellow, green and brown.

The colour blue stands for water and the donation goes to a non-profit called 1001Fontaines, working in Cambodia, India and Madagascar and delivering clean drinking water for rural communities: Purchasing this bag donates the money directly to the NGOs “Water in School” programme, supplying clean drinking water at schools. Red is for health and the associated charity is Barefoot College, operating in India. Every bag bought funds one child’s healthcare for one year. Yellow stands for empowerment and the money goes to an Indian NGO called Prerana that works towards ending second generation prostitution and providing women with English language courses at vocational centres. Green is for health and its accompanying charity HIAM health operates in East-Timor, one of the top 3 countries with the highest percentage of chronically malnourished children. The money from the bag goes to a programme educating families on how to prevent malnutrition. Finally, the bags with brown stitching have their donation going for the cause of i-India in Jaipur, and with every bag purchased gives a homeless child shelter for 5 months.

The inspiration for the model of the Generation Generous bags is the traditional brown bag and each bag is reversible: one side has a smooth, faux-leather type texture while the other has a more of a canvas bag feel. This means you can easily team the bag even with your smarter outfits and take it to the office with you, whilst the canvas-side offers a more casual feel. As somebody who likes to carry everything I might ever need with me, I can also tell that the bag easily fits in a 13’ laptop, water bottle, stack of notebooks (and an actual book), your basic supply of make up and that wine bottle you buy on your way to a dinner at a friend’s house. And it still felt sturdy and the type of bag that also due to its timeless appear will serve you for years to come.

If you have been looking to treat yourself or a friend for a new tote bag that is both functional and well designed, look no further. With Generation Generous bag you will be acquiring a lot more than a simple everyday item: A story to go with your bag, an act of kindness and compassion and the opportunity to spread the message of sustainable consumption and more conscious living. Check out the different colours from the EcoHome Store on-line store here!