We all know how important drinking enough water is and now with summer upon us, the sun reminds us of that as well. 

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 Whilst it can be easy to pop into the nearest periptero for a half a litre bottle, or get an extra litre from the guy selling drinks on our way to that more remote beach, we all agree this is not the most economically or environmentally sound way.

Most of us own, or have owned, at some point a reusable drink bottle but why is it so hard to carry one with us? I can tell few reasons for my part, in no particular order: They can start leaking very easily and who enjoys pulling out damp things out of the bag? You cannot really taken them fully apart for cleaning and at some point (usually even before leaking) they can start feeling a bit unhygienic, despite being properly washed. Sports bottles usually are not the most esthetically pleasing either (I mean, if looking at your water bottle could cheer you up, it would be great right?) And did I already mention they could leak easily?

Having spent sometime in the unsatisfying situation that exists between occasionally carrying a leaky bottle in my hand and having to buy plastic bottles on the go, I was intrigued when EcoHomeStore introduced me to Contigo Cortland Infuser Bottle. It looked somehow different, the infuser part at the bottom seemed quite frankly genius (more about that later) and after some time of testing it, I am hooked.

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This is why my Contigo travels with me everywhere from now on, in no particular order:

- It really is 100% spill and leak proof. The company calls this “autoseal” which means you only need to gently push a button at the neck of the bottle to get the water flowing. Release the button and the water stays in. This means you can toss the bottle in your back/car/wherever when running around without worrying about leaks.
- It has spout cover to protect against sand and other dirt we don’t want in our water.
- You only need one had to use it, no teeth required either! Hello busy people with kids/dogs/hands otherwise full!
- It is made of BPA free (BPA is a chemical that has not got the best reputation, yet is found in many food packaging) free plastic in the US.
- You can unscrew the bottle in to 4 pieces, witch means you can clean every part of it.
0,7 litres is just the right in-between size those “gone in two gulps” small bottles and the bigger ones that do not really fit in your back properly.
- You got to admit, in this bottle great design does meets great functionality.

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The really exciting feature of this bottle for me is however the removable infusion strainer at the bottom of the bottle. In this container part you can put slices of lemon, some cucumber and mint, frozen berries or a herb mix of your choice to infuse your water with your favourite flavour. Even if you are used to drinking lemon water, the strainer means there is no need to pick up lemon seeds from your drink anymore! You can just enjoy the healthily flavoured water you made yourself!

Intrigued? Check it out yourself, either by visiting ECOHOME Concept Store in person in Nicosia or by going to the online store here.