ECOHOME STORE is a shop based on the idea that living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean forgoing fashion, style or design.

Ecohome logo 02 New At ECOHOME, all our product lines are about buying something because you like it or you need it, but at the same time about giving back. As a concept store offers shoppers multiple types of items with one centrilized theme: Ecofriendly! All the products in our concept store add to the theme even though they might be different categories - Lifestyle, Beauty, Home Decor, Bags and T-shirts.

Based in central Nicosia, with worldwide online presence, EcoHome is quickly becoming THE shop for the style-conscious and environmentally aware. With a wide range of items combining functionality, style, and eco-conscious thinking, EcoHome provides the products that are the connection between environment, community, and philanthropy. Our shop is a place where beautiful things are conceived, developed and created! We take great care in selecting unique items that are handmade from natural materials and are often looking calmly designed! Every one of the lines we carry has been carefully chosen to ensure that we’re selling affordable, ecological and stylish products, many of the brands are locally sourced and made from completely natural ingredients, while others are imported from Fair Trade sources, with part of the profits often going to charity. Everything we do is done with great deal of attention and consideration, always with a twinkle in our eye and, above all, joy of life!!!

Our homes are our sanctuaries! The place that family entertain, reenergize and detox! ECOHOME is here to help you create your sanctuary just the way that makes you happy!

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We carry a total of 10 product lines: four of our brands are made locally, and this is important because part of our concept at EcoHome is to support the local market – in this way we reduce carbon footprint, and at the same time we're supporting local creators.

The T-shirt Project, Cyprus 100% organic cotton t-shirts, silkscreen with non toxic dyes in Cyprus, tell children a story about how small things we do every day can change our home and the world for the better. Candlelit Day handmade soya candles are created by a local Limassol artist, as are the upcycled glasses and the colourful fruit bowls (made from intricate lace doilies that have been reworked and hand coloured with all-natural dyes) of product line Undun. Gaia Olea provides a range of unisex bath and body products made by another local creator from all natural materials, and Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics have a similar story: the soaps, creams, balms, scrubs and perfumes are all made from locally sourced products using organic flowers and scents.

Included in the imported lines are Contigo  (reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and flasks), and the stunning bags of Generation Generous – a brand whose bags are ethically produced, contribute to a sustainable market and tackle specific issues, such as empowerment, malnutrition, clean water, health and shelter. LoveMilo is a boutique home ware and décor studio, based in Cape Town  which place a strong emphasis on sustainability. 



 Helping people and making a positive difference both to our environment and to humankind in a charitable manner is our message here at EcoHome.