ECOhoME is an online shop showcasing Eco friendly products throughout Cyprus, founded and created by Eugenia Herodotou Alexandrou.

ECOHOME's aim with all product design, is to bring style, quality, and affordability to the fore with good inherent environmental credentials. Good design and style are essential for all environmental products.Good design raises the emotions, it gets us excited, which is the key to making it commercially viable, and competitive with traditional products.

ECOHOME's products combine functionality, style, and eco-conscious thinking. This range includes low energy products, those made with sustainable materials, low toxin products, recycled and recyctable products.

Product ranges run from ECO Lifestyle to ECO Fire, but everything works back together and different pieces are meanth to be mixed and matched. ECOHOME offers a comprehensive contemporary home decor selection from cappuccino cups to soy candles, shopping bags to water bottles... a complete one stop eco products shop.

Most of the ECOHOME products are handmade in Cyprus: GAIAOLEA, Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics, Candlelitday, UNDUN, The T-shirt Project!