Summer is definitely here and with it the long summer nights spend sitting outside with our friends and relatives, various festivities and celebrations.

A good bag is one of those essential items to have in life. One that is not too small, not too big but still fits in the daily essentials and maybe even few surprise articles we can pick up during the day. Most of us also recognise the feeling of needing a new bag, because the old one has seen the best of its days or just because quite frankly we just are in the mood for a new one.

Coming from a country known for its lack of sunlight sunscreen was not something I had dedicated much thought of until I came to Cyprus almost a decade ago. Growing up, one bottle of whatever sun protection my mother happened to come across at the shop was more than enough to cover for the whole family for a year – including the occasional trips to the more southern parts of our Continent. 

We all know how important drinking enough water is and now with summer upon us, the sun reminds us of that as well. Whilst it can be easy to pop into the nearest periptero for a half a litre bottle, or get an extra litre from the guy selling drinks on our way to that more remote beach, we all agree this is not the most economically or environmentally sound way.